About me

"Practice makes perfect" - the next move will contribute to your success. Trainings, working on yourself and expanding your knowledge are the targets on the track to get better.

Fitness and dance are my passions. At the beginning there was one lesson that appeared to never finish and to become a lifetime passion.

After that I practiced for long and followed many, many trainings, in Poland and abroad. I successfully completed studies at the Academy of Physical Education and received a diploma for recreation through exercise.

I made it to the finals of Fitness Marathon 1998; in 2006 I was no. 6 in the ranking of fitness instructors in Poland. I wrote numerous fitness publications. I am the founder and ex-manager of the "Fitness Art" club in Warsaw.

Since 2006 I live in Belgium. I provide trainings in Step, Dance, Body Workout, Pilates and Pilates Balance.

Fitness is a great adventure, giving a lot of satisfaction when you can pass it to the others. You need passion to be a good instructor. Engagement, work and smile is half the way to success. The other half is the smile of the participants.